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Water Quality Monitoring

Measure. Monitor. Manage: A broad range of tools to assess impact on Water Quality

Water quality and aquatic habitats around the world are revealing how development and climate change are impacting our streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. Today, it’s more important than ever to monitor & assess the impacts of climate change, urban development, and agriculture on our water resources. Whether you’re in water conservation tracking stream temperatures, monitoring groundwater levels, or measuring salinity in an estuary, data loggers are cost-effective, reliable tools you need to monitor a broad range of water quality parameters for countless applications.

What is Water Quality Monitoring?

Water quality monitoring involves assessing and evaluating a variety of parameters in order to determine the health of a body of water. It involves measuring various physical and chemical parameters such as pH levels, temperature, dissolved oxygen levels, nitrate concentrations and more. The data collected from these measurements helps researchers understand how changes in these parameters affect the health of aquatic habitats.

Why Use Data Loggers?

Data loggers are automated devices used for collecting data over a period of time without requiring manual intervention. They are ideal for long-term monitoring projects because they can be deployed in remote locations and left unattended for extended periods of time while they collect valuable data. Data loggers provide accurate readings that can be retrieved by researchers or uploaded directly to a computer or online platform for further analysis or comparison with historical records.

Trusted solutions for monitoring critical water resources

HOBO data loggers are cost-effective, reliable tools that help measure a wide range of water quality parameters in many applications around the world - from streams temperatures to salinity in estuaries - helping us better understand how these changes affect aquatic habitats globally.

Monitoring different Water Quality Parameters with HOBO Standalone Loggers:



HOBO Fresh Water Conductivity
Data Logger



HOBO Dissolved Oxygen
Data Logger



HOBO pH and Temperature
Data Logger









   Dissolved Oxygen







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or explore our range of water quality loggers and sensors below:

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pH Monitoring & Control Kit

The pHionics D-pHi sensor series combined with eze System's monitoring and control solution provides a comprehensive solution for pH and ORP water process monitoring and control with 24/7 access via ezeio cloud software.
$0.00 (ex gst)

Water Quality Kit

Monitor water temperature, pH levels, dissolved oxygen, ORP or conductivity with ease!
$0.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX2001 - Water Level Bluetooth Data Logger

The HOBO® MX2001 is the industry’s first water level data logger designed for convenient wireless setup and download from mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy.
$0.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX2201 Pendant - Water Temperature Bluetooth Data Logger

A waterproof logger enabled with Bluetooth wireless access to deliver accurate temperature measurements straight to your mobile device or Windows computer using our HOBOconnect app.
$158.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX2202 Pendant - Water Temperature/Light Bluetooth Data Logger

A waterproof temperature/light-level logger equipped with the power of Bluetooth to deliver accurate data straight to your mobile device or Windows computer using our free HOBOconnect app.
$187.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX2203 TidbiT - Water Temperature 400' Bluetooth Data Logger

The HOBO MX2203 TidbiT water temperature logger leverages the power of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to deliver high-accuracy temperature measurements straight to your iOS or Android mobile device.
$326.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX2501 - pH and Temperature Bluetooth Data Logger

The new low-cost HOBO® MX2501 pH and Temperature logger is designed for long-term monitoring of pH in estuaries, lakes, streams, rivers, and oceans.
$1,877.00 (ex gst)

HOBO U24 - Conductivity/Salinity (Salt Water) Data Logger

The HOBO U24-002-C is a cost-effective data logger for measuring salinity, conductivity and temperature in saltwater environments with relatively small changes in salinity (±5,000 μS/cm) such as saltwater bays, or to detect salinity events such as upwelling, rainstorm, and discharge events.
$2,241.00 (ex gst)

HOBO U26 - Dissolved Oxygen Data Logger

The HOBO U26 Dissolved Oxygen Logger is a highly precise, low-cost data logger for measuring concentrations of oxygen in lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries, and coastal waters. Used by aquatic biologists, hydrologists, and other research professionals, the HOBO U26 combines the high accuracy, robust performance of industry-leading RDO® Basic (Rugged Dissolved Oxygen) sensor technology with an easy-to-maintain design.
$3,174.00 (ex gst)

HOBO U24 - Conductivity/Salinity (Fresh Water) Data Logger

Measures and records conductivity and temperature in streams, lakes, and other freshwater sources; recommended for monitoring aquifers for saltwater intrusion and road and agricultural runoff.
$2,241.00 (ex gst)

pHionics STs - DO (Dissolved Oxygen) Sensor with 4-20mA

The pHionics STs Series™ Dissolved Oxygen sensor accurately measures dissolved oxygen (0-20 mg/L or percent saturation) and temperature (0-50°C) over long periods of time with little maintenance required.
$3,072.00 (ex gst)

pHionics STs - ORP (Redox) Sensor with 4-20mA output

The pHionics STs Series™ ORP sensor provides reliable ORP (redox) and temperature measurements to a datalogger, RTU, PLC, or SCADA system for continuous water quality monitoring.
$2,352.00 (ex gst)

pHionics STs - pH Sensor with 4-20mA output

The pHionics STs Series™ pH sensor provides accurate pH and temperature measurements from 0-14pH to a datalogger or RTU for continuous water quality monitoring.
$2,232.00 (ex gst)

pHionics STs - Conductivity Sensor with 4-20mA output

The pHionics STs Series™ Conductivity is a water quality sensor designed to pair with a datalogger or RTU for real-time data capture.
$2,760.00 (ex gst)

HOBO MX800 Series Water Data Logger

Achieve superior monitoring accuracy with HOBO MX800 Series Multiparameter Loggers. Seamlessly integrate with interchangeable sensors to measure water parameters effectively. Choose from submersible or direct read models for hassle-free data retrieval. Enhance environmental data collection with precision and ease through seamless integration.
$0.00 (ex gst)
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