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Gas Detection and Monitoring

Designed for use anywhere that gases are employed in both industrial and commercial applications. OneTemp distribute gas detection technologies from some of the world leaders and have systems available for Flammable, Toxic, Refrigerant and other gases. Many of our sensors are Australian made.

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HOBO MX1102 - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Bluetooth Data Logger

Onset’s HOBO MX1102 CO2 logger makes it more convenient than ever to measure and record CO2 in buildings and other non-condensing environments. Download to your phone or PC.
$1,323.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Enterprise Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Wireless Sensor

This sensor monitors Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas; if levels exceed preset limits, designated personnel are alerted via text, email, or call
$915.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Enterprise Carbon Monoxide (CO) Wireless Sensor

Measure the amount of CO gas in the surrounding air and receive real time alerts if levels have been exceeded
$680.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Enterprise Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Gas Wireless Sensor

Measure the levels of toxic H2S gas in the environment and get alerts when thresholds are breached
$680.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Industrial Propane Tank Level Wireless Monitor

This sensor installs quickly, allowing propane providers to remotely monitor tank levels.
$903.00 (ex gst)

VCP COW1351 - Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector COW-series

The VCP Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors with a measuring range up to 300ppm are suitable for CO measurement in parking garages, tunnels, engine repair shops, loading bays, engine test benches, shelters, go-kart race courses etc.
from $255.00 (ex gst)

VCP QDT24 - Duct Air Quality (VOC) Transmitter

The Duct air quality transmitters QDT 24 series for the measurement of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
$399.00 (ex gst)

VCP QRT 24-series - Room Air Quality (VOC) Transmitters

The room air quality transmitters QRT 24 series for the measurement of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds)
$300.00 (ex gst)

VCP CDR 010T - CO2 + Temperature transmitter

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) + Temperature transmitter CDR 010T is a self-calibrating microprocessor-controlled unit with 2 x 0-10VDC Outputs.
$372.00 (ex gst)

VCP CO2R-Series - CO2 Transmitter w/- Humidity & Temp options

The CO2R-series can measure Carbon Dioxide (Co2) ranges of 400-2.000 ppm, 0-2.000 ppm, 0-5.000 ppm, 0-10.000 ppm
from $357.00 (ex gst)

VCP RCD 010 THD - CO2, Temp & RH Transmitter w/- Display

RCD 010 THD is a wall mounted transmitter which combines Carbon Dioxide (CO2) + Humidity (rH) + Temperature (T) with a display
$414.00 (ex gst)

Monnit Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitoring Solution

CO2 concentration provides insight into facility ventilation quality and HVAC calibration. Greenhouses and modern grow spaces also rely on CO2 sensor data to optimize crop growth. Maintain wellness and productivity with the Monnit Wireless CO2 Sensor below.
$0.00 (ex gst)

VCP CO2D-series - Duct Mount Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Transmitters

The CO2D-series Duct Carbon Dioxide Transmitter is a durable, efficient device offering flexible measuring ranges and versatile output capabilities. With a 15-year lifespan, enhanced accuracy, and adaptable for various environments, it's a prime choice for industrial CO2 monitoring applications.
from $395.00 (ex gst)