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Experts in temperature measurement, AMETEK Land has supported the global industrial community for more than 70 years, supplying innovative, reliable products and solutions. They have a worldwide reputation as innovators and manufacturers of high-quality, precision thermometers and thermal imagers.

Inside AMETEK Land - Ensuring Accuracy from the Start

Land Industry Applications

Land has supported the global industrial community for more than 70 years, supplying innovative, reliable products and solutions. They have a worldwide reputation as innovators and manufacturers of high-quality, precision thermometers and thermal imagers.

Land's monitors and analysers provide industries with infrared, non-contact temperature measurement, combustion efficiency monitors and environmental pollution emissions detectors. Their products are used extensively in applications as diverse as steel, glass, electronics, mineral processing, power generation, utility and aircraft gas turbines, and a wide range of other industries. Ongoing development creates products for new applications and the continuous improvement of an expanding product range.

  • Steel: The infrared thermometers offer process solutions across more than 50 individual applications, ensuring process efficiency and continue reading >>
  • Aluminium: Including a wide range of stable, rapid response and reliable application-specific instruments designed to the highest standards continue reading >>
  • Speciality Metals: Products that you need for precise temperature measurements during speciality metal production, including solutions for copper and platinum refining continue reading >>
  • Calibration: The blackbody calibration sources provide a high-precision calibration of radiation thermometers, on-site and under laboratory conditions continue reading >>
  • Glass: Land has developed a range of instruments specifically designed to meet the challenges of glass production continue reading >>
  • Hydrocarbon Processing (HPI): Built to the highest standards of quality and reliability, their HPI measurement solutions are designed to operate in industrial conditions, delivering the accuracy you need to control your process continue reading >>
  • Industrial Processing: Used extensively in a range of industrial processes including paper, plastics, ceramics and non-wovens, Land's accurate online and portable thermometers, linescanners and thermal imagers support your applications continue reading >>
  • Minerals: Land supplies high-precision, reliable non-contact temperature measurement instruments specifically designed for mineral industry applications, including cement and roadstone production continue reading >>
  • Power Generation: With a range of detection options for every stage of the combustion process, Land's products guard against spontaneous fires. They also provide solutions for continuous emissions monitoring and plant condition monitoring continue reading >>

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Land Cyclops L - Portable Pyrometers

Cyclops L Portable pyrometers are a range of premium quality, highly accurate hand-held instruments. Ergonomic single-handed use non-contact thermometers, provide easy, accurate point-and-measure temperature readings.
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Land Spot AL - Aluminium Applications Pyrometer

An advanced non-contact infrared pyrometer providing a single sensor solution for aluminium extrusion, strip mill, forming / forging and further processing.
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Land Spot - Infrared Thermometer

SPOT is a family of fully featured, high performance pyrometers for fixed non-contact infrared spot temperature measurements.
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Land NIR Borescope - Temperature Profiles inside Furnaces

Thermal Imaging Solutions for Furnaces, Glass Melt Tanks and Kilns
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Land NIR Borescope 3XR - Thermal Imaging Reformer & Cracker Tube Furnaces

Thermal imaging solutions for reformer and cracker tube furnaces
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Land NIR Borescope Glass - Melt Tank Thermal Imaging System

A borescope thermal imaging camera, specifically developed to return precise temperature measurements in glass furnace applications.
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Land SDS - Slag Detection System

The Land Slag Detection System (SDS) delivers improved yields, higher-quality steel and reduces costly downstream processing. There are additional benefits to reduce ladle refractory wear.
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Land MWIR Borescope 640 - Thermal Imaging Camera

A highly accurate radiometric infrared borescope imaging camera with spectral filtering for continuous temperature measurement and furnace profiling applications.
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Land Spot GS - Galvannealed And Galvanized Strip

An advanced non-contact infrared spot pyrometer specifically designed for continuous, highly accurate measurements of coated steel strip temperature during the galvanneal reaction.
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Land LWIR-640 - Thermal Imager

A long-wavelength thermal imager providing a full temperature measurement range of -20 to 1000 °C (-4 to 1832 °F) in three ranges with a choice of different optics and fields of view. LWIR-640 is AMETEK Land’s smart long-wavelength thermal imaging solution for a range of industrial applications including automation, process control, machine vision, flare stack monitoring, hot spot detection, medical, critical vessel refractory monitoring, petrochemical, and food and mineral processing.
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Land FTI-E - Fixed Thermal Imaging System

Land's Intelligent Imaging solutions aim to solve problems by providing more than just pictures. Each solution offers detailed and accurate temperature information to improve safety and product quality.
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Land LSP-HD - Infrared Linescanner for Thermal Process Imaging

Compact and sophisticated high accuracy infrared linescanner, designed to produce advanced thermal images of moving processes.
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Land Auto Pour Pyrometer System

A non-disruptive pyrometer system designed specifically to measure the temperature of liquid metals in the foundry, during the process of pouring into moulds and castings.
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Land RT8B - Non-contact Infrared Thermometer (Low Temp)

Land's RT8B is a non-contact infrared thermometer for use in many low temperature applications. It helps asphalt paving or roadstone producers meet state, national and environmental quality compliance requirements and glass manufacturers meet quality compliance requirements in multiple standalone applications.
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Land SOLOnet - Digital Thermometers

SOLOnet is the world's first compact web browser enabled infrared thermometer system offering the user maximum flexibility and connectivity. With SOLOnet the user can configure the thermometer system to suit his individual measurement and control requirements
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Land UNO - Stand Alone Thermometers

A range of stand alone thermometers answering the needs of OEM's, plant designers and process operators for a rugged, low cost temperature sensor which will integrate directly into a 4 to 20mA measuring, monitoring or control loop.
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Land FTI-Eb - Furnace Monitoring

The FTI-Eb BoreScope Thermal Imager accurately profiles the temperature of the insides of an entire furnace with only a small opening in the wall.
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Land - System 4 High Precision Thermometers

SYSTEM 4 thermometers offer exceptional flexibility with a choice of single wavelength, ratio, fibroptic and fibroptic ratio models.
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Land System 4 Signal Processors

Landmark Processors are designed to produce the process control variables you need from ANY of the System 4 thermometers. With this total compaitibility, you can choose a processor which provides the features and performance you need to meet the requirements of your application.
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Land 4500 MkIII - Opacity Monitor

4500 MkIII is the most accurate and reliable continuous opacity monitor available, combining AMETEK Land’s ground-breaking innovation and simple design for precise, problem-free operation.
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